Spouse, Partner or Child Visa (5 or 10 year route)

A visa option to allow loved ones to continue family life with their loved ones living in the UK.

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What is the Spouse, Partner or Child Visa?

This visa category is for partners, spouses, and children of the British Nationals/settled persons to join their husband / partner or parents in the UK or to continue family life with them in the UK.

This visa is a settlement visa that allows you to live together with your British/EU National partner/spouse/child in the UK for up to 30 months. This can be extended to another 30 months and you will then be eligible for apply for settlement on completion of 60 months of stay under this route.

Applicants must satisfy financial requirements, relationship requirements and English language requirements. Depending on your circumstances, applicants can apply under 5 -year or 10-year visa routes.

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