Complaint handling procedure

At BVS Legal we want to offer you the best possible service. However, if any point you became unhappy with the service you received you should inform us promptly so that we can resolve it to your satisfaction.

  • Remember, if you need us we are just a call away, for free on: 020 7183 1883

How we deal with complaints.

We take all kind of complaints, big or small very serious and we will ensure that we respond to your complaint as we consider it as an opportunity to monitor and improve our service standard.

In the first instance ,it would be helpful to raise your concerns with the person who is working on your case to discuss your concerns and we will take every possible step to resolve it at this stage.

If you are still not satisfied, we will ask you to contact Mrs. Warnakula, our complaint handling officer. You can contact her through her direct email [email protected] or contacting the office on main line 02071831883.

What will happen next.

  • We will contact you within 7 business days to acknowledge your complaint and to make sure that we have understood the issues which you have raised.
  • We will then raise the matter with related personal linked with the complaint and we will give him / her 7 days from the acknowledgement of complaint to answer your concerns.
  • If the matter is complex and we require further time to respond, we will contact you within the above timeframe to confirm an approximate timescale of when to expect a response.
  • We are permitted a time scale of 6-8 weeks to fully investigate and respond to your formal complaint. We will however make sure to deal with the complaint as quickly as possible and can often deal with the complaint in a shorter period than 8 weeks.
  • Once the complaint has been investigated, we will invite you to visit our office or arrange a meeting to explain either face to face or via zoom , on your choice ,what steps we will be taking to resolve the matter for your satisfaction.
  • we will write to you with our decision providing details of what action of any, is to be taken. If you are happy with the outcome of the investigation, then we will record the complaint as resolved.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our investigation into your complaint, you have the right to have your complaint investigated by the Legal Ombudsman (LeO), which is a fully independent body with official powers to resolve customer complaints about legal services.

They can be contacted:

However, please be aware that the Ombudsman will not normally become involved unless you have given us the opportunity to deal with your complaint through our own procedures in the first instance.

The LeO expects complaints to be made to them within six years from the date of the act/omission about which you are concerned, or three years from when you should have known about the complaint. The Legal Ombudsman will usually only consider a complaint if our internal complaints procedure has been exhausted within the last six months.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority can help you if you are concerned about our behaviour. This could include dishonesty, treating you unfairly because of your age , disability or other characteristics, taking our losing your money.

You can find out further details on their website -

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